Chronic Disease

As people are living longer, many of us have come to understand that there are chronic conditions that we may encounter as we age – conditions like heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, obesity and COPD. Many of these conditions, however, can be prevented or lessened with some simple changes to our daily routines.

While many chronic diseases develop over years, one of the most powerful and effective ways you can avoid some of these conditions is to eat less and move more. Some of these personal health actions include to:

Increase physical activity

Reduce your intake of junk food and sugar

Get plenty of sleep

Stay current on routine, recommended health screenings

Avoid excessive alcohol and caffeine

Reach out for help when you need it

Making changes can seem daunting, but PHU2 wants to encourage you – you can take small, simple actions every day to become more informed and take steps to prevent chronic disease. Check back weekly to see the PHU2 Action of the Week and to review our Personal Public Health Initiatives.