Health Preparedness and Planning

It is important to be prepared for any type of emergency and with planning, being prepared can be easy. Inclement weather, natural disasters, and public health threats are often unexpected and come without warning. They threaten our health and homes, but the impact they cause can be prevented or lessened with basic preparation.

You can feel safe and prepared by doing your part at home by knowing how to handle any emergency situation. You can start by following a simple checklist like the actions listed below:

Get an emergency preparedness kit

Make an emergency preparedness plan

Practice your plan with your family

Stay informed about potential disasters

Stay up-to-date on recommended vaccinations

PHU2 encourages you to remain informed about what is going on, be prepared for anything to happen, and take responsibility to prepare for and protect yourself and your family during emergencies. Check back weekly to see the PHU2 Action of the Week and to review our Personal Public Health Initiatives.