Drug and Alcohol

Chemical dependence and substance abuse can seem impossible to get a handle on, but there are many resources available that can help you when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse. Preventing and/or overcoming substance use requires consistent and integrated interventions – interventions that can be initiated with simple, personal decisions to make a change. But once made, there are services ranging from prevention education to inpatient and outpatient treatment to detoxification available to encourage your success. Some interventions may include to:

Make an appointment with a substance abuse counselor

Contact your County Municipal Alliance program for available programs in your jurisdiction

Dispose of expired and unused prescription medications appropriately

Addiction is a complex and difficult public health issue, but PHU2 wants to support your decision to live free from dependence on drugs and alcohol. There are realistic steps you can take every day to access the services and assistance needed to help live a clean, healthy life. Check back weekly to see the PHU2 Action of the Week and to review our Personal Public Health Initiatives.